You might be wondering, “what is the purpose of Frackwire?” What do they think about hydraulic fracturing for natural gas? Do they support it? Do they oppose it? Why does the organization exist and what are their journalistic goals?

What We Support

Frackwire supports any fuel source and associated production method that meets the following goals:

  1. preservation of the natural environment
  2. protection of human health
  3. reduction of carbon emissions
  4. promotion of national energy independence and economic health

However, Frackwire acknowledges that a “perfect” energy source is a future goal, not a current capability.  As such, we also support any fuel source or production method that represents a significant improvement upon current options in pursuit of these goals.  This includes natural gas produced by hydraulic fracturing if it meets these conditions.

Above all, Frackwire is dedicated to ensuring forward progress towards all of these energy goals.  We believe in thorough examination of significant changes in world energy production in order to promote positive use of the latest technologies, while also ensuring that none of these goals is sacrificed in pursuit of the others.

Why We’re Writing About Fracking

Current news coverage of fracking and its related issues is highly politicized, poorly researched, and often scientifically unsound.  Due to sensationalist reporting and aggressive conflict between environmental groups and the oil and gas industry, fracking is rarely discussed rationally as a technological option but instead debated as an incendiary political issue. The subject has become so polarized that it is difficult for the concerned citizen to access accurate, unbiased information.

What seems to be missing in the fracking discussion is a rational, comprehensive source of information.  In writing about fracking, we at Frackwire hope to fill this gap.

Journalistic Goals

Our goal is to produce content that is positionless, educational, informative, credibly sourced, well researched, and accurate.  We are dedicated to providing our readers with thorough background information as well bringing them the latest news and technological developments.  We aim to become a comprehensive and diverse informational source in regards to fracking and related issues.

As the prevalence of fracking and natural gas production expands worldwide, rational discussion between well-informed leaders and citizens becomes vital to achieving progress towards our energy goals.  Frackwire’s ultimate goal is to fuel this discussion and become a valuable educational tool for interested citizens.