methane leakage fracking

19 researchers from the NOAA and CIRES received the green light for a study that will soon be published in Geophysical Research, and which suggests - rather grimly - that national methane gas emissions might be a lot higher than the EPA's 2011 estimates. Methane gas leakage from fracking operations is, according to FrackWire's research, one of the few realistic concerns associated with the extraction practice.

UK fracking

When Cuadrilla Resources, a company that has cornered shale gas development licenses in the UK, began moving materials and heavy machinery onto its exploratory drilling site in Balcombe on July 25th, protesters from near and far amassed, blocking streets and forming human chains to delay operations. Protesters have maintained consistent presence (and dissent) at the site for

diesel fuel fracking

Diesel fuel fracking—fracturing rock formations with a fluid containing diesel—has a long history in the oil and gas industry.  The first frack job actually did not involve fluid of any kind.  Instead, it involved explosives.  Oil and gas bearing formations were first fractured by dropping explosives down a wellbore.  The first “fracking” patent was issued [...]

BTEX and fracking

The acronym “BTEX” actually refers to four separate chemicals with similar properties—Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene.  BTEX chemicals are naturally occurring components of crude oil, meaning that they are found in small concentrations in refined oil products such as diesel, gasoline, and aviation fuel.  BTEX compounds are also used individually as raw materials and additives [...]

Illinois fracking regulations

As national energy production transitions from a focus on coal to natural gas, the trend is likely to extend to the Prairie State.  Although Illinois has historically been a center of coal production, the state government is wasting no time in adapting to changes in industry.  At the same time that Illinois fracking regulations are [...]

Sussex fracking protest

George Mitchell, considered by many to be the “father” of the fracking boom, died on Friday at the age of 94 at his home in Galveston, Texas. While hydraulic fracturing technology was developed in the 1950s, it was not widely used for the next 40 years.  Originally, fracking was a low-profile technology occasionally used to [...]

north dakota fracking

North Dakota's Bakken shale oil play is roughly the size of West Virginia. Perpetual projections of its total recoverable reserves have proven to be grossly underestimated, as new drilling uncovers more and more crude.
With current estimates topped at 7.4 billion barrels, North Dakota sits behind Texas as the #2 producing oil-giant in the States.

pennsylvania anti-fracking protest

Across the nation, and across the world, current fracking regulations are coming under fire from all directions.  In Colorado, municipalities are fighting for fracking regulatory power. Although hydraulic fracturing is legally regulated and allowable according to state rules, several municipalities including Fort Collins, Longmont, and Boulder have attempted to enact complete, local fracking bans.  The [...]


The anti-fracking movement, relative to other 21st century campaigns that organize around energy and environmental issues, has been wildly successful. France, Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Tunisia have banned fracking altogether (though South Africa's moratorium was recently lifted). An assemblage of other governments are under heavy pressure to regulate fracking.

fracking and gas to liquid fuel

As the practice of hydraulic fracturing expands on a global scale, both real and perceived effects of fracking have garnered a lot of attention.  How will fracking effect our environment?  Our economy?  Our security?  However, it’s important to remember that fracking itself is an effect as well as a cause—an effect of natural gas demand.  [...]