fracking monopoly

How competitive is the market for fracking, and how has that changed since the shale boom began? There are many competitors across the supply and production chain of oil & gas drilling, but a new class action lawsuit that began earlier this month unveiled the attempts of some companies to increase their own wherewithal in [...]

Colorado Fracking

Six prominent localities in Colorado have either considered or attempted to ban fracking. Like New York, in Colorado there sprung a dynamic, statewide anti-fracking campaign consolidating a network of smaller, active grassroots groups. Under the umbrella of Frack Free Colorado, CO's campaign has set its sights on placing a statewide fracking ban on the 2014 [...]

Fracking in China

Over the past decade, China has wowed the world with its astonishing, breakneck pace toward industrialization. But relative to other industrialized giants and shale-gas rich states, China struggles with coal-burning emissions and exponential leaps in domestic energy demand even while hosting the most shale gas reserves worldwide (1/5 of known global deposits). China has 107 [...]

EPA abandons fracking contamination study

In 2011, the EPA issued a draft water contamination study with a groundbreaking assertion—fracking fluid has contaminated drinking water in Wyoming1.  The study represented the first time that such a claim had been made publicly by the EPA and the first time that such contamination had been scientifically proven.  By all estimates, these findings were [...]

working conditions fracking

Very little attention is paid to working conditions on fracking sites. And though there remains a lack of conclusive evidence for the potential health effects resulting in communities that live in close proximity to shale gas operations, various claims are widely circulated by organizations and news media outlets. But we're curious as to how fracking [...]

New BLM fracking rules

On Friday, August 23, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) closed public commentary on its first update of hydraulic fracturing regulations since the 1980s. To date, a patchwork of federal regulatory exemptions has left fracking regulation up to the states.  While some believe localization is the key to efficient regulation of a growing industry, others [...]

UK anti-fracking

In Britain, consistent efforts to stop Cuadrilla's exploratory drilling operations are escalating. Company headquarters have been stormed, the only Green Party MP was arrested, a 6-day "Reclaim the Power" action camp was launched, thousands marched, 45 in total were arrested, chained bike blockades, chanting, scuffling with security get the idea. The degree of media...

frackwire video Fracking is an established technology that’s been a part of drilling in the United State for over 50 years. However, it’s only become a hot political debate in the last 5 years or so. You may be wondering: why do we suddenly care? People are interested because fracking provides us with a valuable energy [...]

fracking news

As the fracking debate just begins to take off in the UK this week, federal and local powers in the US continue to battle it out over the fine points.  In the past few months, President Obama has made it clear that he views fracking for natural gas as a vital tool to help lead [...]

fracking with natural gas engines

While the practice of hydraulic fracturing has been a prime target for environmentalists over the past few years, proponents of fracking are convinced the advantages outweigh the risks.  Fracking will provide nations like the United States, Canada, and Australia with easy, cheap, domestic natural gas.  Natural gas will revolutionize the world energy economy.  Natural gas [...]